Stone walkways, walls and fountains, and other water features are the perfect complements to flowers and other plants. They also create private areas for cooking, dining, relaxation and entertaining guests.

Irrigation Systems

Water conservation is a must in Southern California, but you don’t have to compromise the beauty of your landscaping. J-Mac Maintenance & Landscaping Services will install a custom irrigation system. We’ll also repair or upgrade your existing system so it’s operating at peak efficiency, saving money on your water bill and ensuring your lawn and plants continue to thrive.


We’ll give your property a look like no other, with carefully positioned planting beds that are attractive from the curb as well as from any window in your home. The right combination of bright flowers and healthy green foliage creates a property that’s full of life and very livable.

Maintenance Plus

We take landscape maintenance beyond the standard mowing and trimming services. During every scheduled maintenance call, we inspect every plant, planting bed and the overall look of your property to provide a higher level of care. We make sure bushes and tree limbs are pruned so they don’t damage the outside of your home.

Complete Property Solutions

Whether you own or manage a new property or you have an existing property that needs a total makeover, we’re the experts to call. We’ll be happy to work with your landscape designer or recommend a highly regarded professional. Together, we’ll give your property a stunning landscape design and the plants that complement your lifestyle, and we’ll provide regular maintenance so the landscaping grows into your dream of a first-class home or business.

Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal with J-Mac Maintenance & Landscaping Services

Whether it’s your home, business or any commercial property, landscaping creates the first impression …
and a lasting impression.


With clients throughout the Greater San Diego area, the pros at J-Mac Maintenance & Landscaping Services have the experience and expertise to transform your property and make it the envy of your neighbors. 

  • Hardscapes – Stonework, water features and cooking/dining areas

  • Softscapes – Unique planting beds for beautiful green and floral displays

  • Irrigation Systems – Custom installation and repair

  • Complete Property Solutions – A total look for new and existing properties

  • Lightscapes – Highlight your property’s most attractive features

  • Maintenance Plus – A higher level of landscaping and property care

  • Commercial Properties – Maximum curb appeal for your business

We Do More to Keep Your Property Beautiful and Welcoming

Tired of landscaping that makes your home or business look tired, old and unappealing?

Call the experts at J-Mac Maintenance & Landscaping Services to revitalize your property’s landscaping so it perfectly complements your home or business.


With meticulous attention to detail, we make sure your home’s landscaping welcomes your guests with stunning beauty. We also create and maintain an attractive outdoor environment for your commercial property that puts a smile on the faces of your employees and customers.


We have a reputation for taking that extra bit of time to check your property from every angle and in every light. There won’t even be a blade of grass that detracts from the look of your property.


Call today to schedule a free landscape assessment and quote. You’ll discover why so many San Diego homeowners, business owners and property managers rely on J-Mac Maintenance & Landscaping Services … and why our reputation is growing!

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